Evergreen Fashion- Potli Purse

 Evergreen Fashion- Potli Purse

Hand bag Fashion of Bollywood 

In recent Indian weddings it’s all about ethnic wear along with traditional jewellery and elegant handbags to get suitable fashion style at a reasonable price. As much as this type of bag looks good to match the dress, it is also liked in contrast. More than one variety of them can be taken online or from the market. Here the kind of bundle bags that the two divas of Bollywood have selected along with their traditional wear can become an inspiration for you too.

The dressing style of this Bollywood diva is perfect for the wedding ceremony. Alia knows how to flaunt her beauty even in less accessories with a designer yellow lehenga. Matching or contrast potli bags like Alia look good with this dress.

Kareena has carried a bundle bag of Dew Drop Company with a turquoise lehenga suit. This suit with gota patti detailing is suitable for wedding functions. Minimal makeup and Kolhapuri juttis are suitable with this dress. You can also complete your look with an open hairstyle like Kareena.

Potli Purse

Clutch - The perfect accessory for a glamorous cocktail party.

When it comes to cocktail parties or social mixers, clutches are a perennial favourite, especially if your invitation specifies a black-tie affair. They're slim and elegant, and they're ideal for wearing with a stunning evening gown. Clutches provide grace and finesse to the Indo-Western style.

They have just the right amount of glitter while remaining understated enough for a formal occasion. An envelope clutch can also contain all of your necessities, such as a lipstick or a hairpin, if needed.

Potli is a charming ally for traditional celebrations.

When it comes to festival attire, everyone prefers to be respectful. An appealing anarkali or churidar kurta will stand out in a positive way, but finding the right purse to go with it might be tricky. Potli bags come very handy in this situation. They're perfect for situations like these.

They're the perfect size to keep your dress from seeming too plain, plus they're charming and artistic.

Tote - A professional tote for a productive day.

It's crucial to mention tote bags when rethinking the area of handbags. Whether you're going to work, the bank, or a conference, having a bag that can accommodate all of your office needs (while also looking professional) is essential.

Printed Hand Bag

You might wish to invest in a robust leather bag that can be used as an everyday bag and that you can count on. Make sure your tote bag has enough pockets to store your laptop, books, and other other items. For such occasions, a structured day tote bag might be ideal.

Bags and purses have been handy everyday items for both men and women since the dawn of civilization. Because garments did not yet have pockets, they were required for carrying money and other personal belongings.

Men's bags gradually faded away in the 17th century after the development of pockets towards the end of the 16th century. Bags were virtually solely the property of ladies from then on.

The most crucial factor in the development of the handbag was women's emancipation. As more women went to work, their handbags had to suit a rising number of practical needs as they became more mobile.

This resulted in a wide range of bags for specialised uses, including leather document cases for the office, utilitarian leather and plastic daytime bags for walking and visiting, and exquisite, gleaming bags and minaudières (metal clutches) for nighttime use.

  1. Tote Bag 

Every lady needs a dependable tote bag with plenty of storage capacity that is also really pleasant to carry. A tote bag is a large, unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side, for those who don't know.It's a great bag to have on hand for any situation that requires you to carry more than a few items, whether you're going shopping, to a class, or to work.

  1. Shoulder Bag 

This is, without a doubt, the most basic essential bag that any lady should own. It has all of the features you'd expect from a standard handbag, including zipped pockets, compartments, and a closure mechanism. This is a casual bag that is meant to be carried on one shoulder and has thinner and shorter straps than a tote bag.Shoulder bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and come in a variety of silhouettes.

  1. Saddle Cross-Body Bag

The name of this bag comes from the traditional saddle worn on the back of a horse, and it was named after the original purpose for which it was designed: to carry a few essential items when riding a horse! However, after a few more refined makeovers and sophisticated designs, the saddlebag has become a must-have fashion accessory. A saddlebag is distinguished by a front flap that folds over and can be attached with a clasp. They're usually small and have lengthy cross-body straps on them.


  1. Satchel Bag 

A satchel bag is similar to a soft-sided briefcase and is another famous classic. It's a large bag with a big-ish loose sack attached to a pair of straps that's commonly used for casual situations. Traditional satchels include a long strap that may be worn diagonally across your body, but recent bag trends have seen a number of modern versions with minor changes to the basic shape.

  1. Hobo Bag 

A hobo bag is often huge, with a slouched body in a crescent form and a long strap to be worn over the shoulder, and is made of a soft, elastic material. When a hobo bag is laid down, the soft material tends to sag. It usually has one large pocket with a single zipper and is named after the bindles that homeless people used to carry on a stick.


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