Rajasthani Jewellery and Poshaks

 We provide beautiful Rajputi Nath jewellery that can be worn to make a traditional trend up or just add fascinate to your look.

Rajputi Nath Jewellery. Spirit of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani apparel is traditionally vividly coloured and ornately adorned. Many women dress in exquisite sarees that are wrapped in a style unique to the region. Others wear a lehenga, or ankle-length skirt, with a chaniya choli, or cropped top. This is generally paired with a head covering to keep the wearer cool while maintaining modesty.

pachi kundan nath

Rajasthani sarees and lehengas are renowned for their intricate embroidery and mirror work. Even the middle-class family women, however, wear clothing in a rainbow of colours, but it is the rich's costumes that are truly show-stopping. These garments are pieces of art in and of themselves, woven with gold and silver threads and brilliant sequins. Rajasthani men are distinguished by their pagris, or turbans. Long swaths of cloth are knotted around the head to conceal the hair. Pagris in Rajasthan are frequently made of tie-dyed fabric to match the women's dupattas and sarees.

  1. Ghoonghat

Ghunghta, ghumta, odhni, laaj, chunari, jhund, odhna, and other names for a ghoonghat exist. It is a veil or headscarf worn by women to hide their heads and, in certain cases, their faces. The loose end of the ghoonghat, known as the aanchal or pallu, is usually pulled over the face or head.

  1. Kanchli

Kanchli's utility is nearly identical to that of Puthia. Angia or choli are other names for it. Kanchli is primarily worn by married women in several Rajasthani groups. Kanchli is typically paired with a Kurti. A kurti is a garment with or without sleeves and a deep horseshoe neckline.

  1. Puthia

Puthia is a double-breasted top garment that looks a lot like angarkha and its shorter variant, angarkhi. The term Angarkha is derived from the Sanskrit words Anga means body and Raksha means protection, indicating that the garment is ancient. The garment element elegantly draped across the breast is depicted in many sculptures, paintings, and early Sanskrit literature. Puthia depicts a woman at her infertile stage. After a female hits puberty, the costume is no longer worn.

Rajputi Combo Set Jewelery



Rajasthani dupattas have themes and designs that are derived from traditional Rajasthani traditions. Everything from the exquisite tie-dye designs to the mirror work and gota-patti art reflects an energetic mood and newness.

If you want to look your best for a wedding occasion or a festive party, gota-patti dupattas are the way to go. It's a style of Rajasthani embroidery that employs the appliqué method to create exquisite patterns out of gold or silver ribbon and lace.

Kanchali Rajputi Poshak

The Kanchali is a shirt with elbow-length sleeves that is worn under the Kurti.

Poshak-Kurti Rajputi

The kurti is a sleeveless dress that covers the body from the neckline to the waist. Rajputi ladies wear both the kurti and the kanchali together.

Ghagra Rajputi Poshak

The ghagra, which Rajputi ladies wear beneath their kurti, is the most exquisite component of the poshak.

Ghagras with exquisite gotta-patti, zari zardozi, tara, and Kundan work are available from Rajputi Poshak.

The word Zardozi comes from two Persian words “zar” which means gold and “Dozi” which means embroidery. It’s a form of art where the metallic thread is used.

It is a kind of work that involves the fusion of tiny thin metal in the fabric which gives the Poshak a different shine and gives the look of freshness and newness.

Its embroidery involves the gold and silver thread to form detailed work on Poshak. On wedding occasions, red Poshak is mostly preferred and the zardozi work on the fabric gives an amazing look to it. 

Rajasthani women's clothing has a traditional style that is distinct from other types of Indian clothing. Because it is located in the subtropical region of Western India, the region has its own unique culture and tradition. The dress colours differ from caste to caste, but they are consistently bright and striking.






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